COVID-19 (Sars-CoV-2) Saliva Test

The Aegirbio Viraspec COVID-19 Saliva Test is an easy-to-use lateral flow test that rapidly detects COVID-19 using saliva samples. When repetitive use is needed, or when testing on children, a nose swab or blood extraction is highly inconvenient.

The Viraspec COVID-19 Test uses a mix of saliva and dilution liquid that reacts to the COVID-19 antigen in under 10 minutes, giving an easily read result. Compared to RT-PCR, human clinical trials have shown the test to have a sensitivity of 90 % for SARS-CoV-2 infections with a specificity of 99.9 %.

Ideal for testing Covid-19 in:

  • Students before class
  • Athletes prior to games
  • Air and train passengers
  • Emergency triage
  • Transient populations



Viraspec Flyer - English 
(PDF - 0.5 MB)

Instructions For Use - English
(PDF - 0.8 MB)

Anwendungshinweise - Deutsche
(PDF - 0.5 MB)

Användarinstruktion - Svenska
(PDF - 0.4 MB)

Istruzioni Per l Uso - Italiano
(PDF - 0.4 MB)

Viraspec Flyer - Lithuanian
(PDF - 0.4 MB)


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Each Kit Includes:

  • 25 Individually Pouched Test Cassettes
  • 25 Collection Tubes
  • 25 Extraction Buffer Tubes
  • 25 Saliva Collectors
  • 1 Workstation
  • 1 Package Insert

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