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We are focused on therapeutic drug monitoring of biologic therapies in the autoimmune, oncology and neurology space. Biologic drug concentrations vary widely between patients, leading to unnecessary side effects and suboptimal clinical outcomes. By tracking drug levels in individual patients, these high cost treatments can be personalized to improve treatment results and unlock savings for healthcare systems. Aegirbio is setting new standards in this field by pioneering Point of Care and Point of Need tests that can provide results within minutes.

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Introducing the Magnia® Natalizumab Point of Care Test

(CE marked for use in EU)

Magnia® Natalizumab is the first dose monitoring Point of Care test that provides you with data that may aid making clinical decisions when using Natalizumab (Tysabri).

To learn more, download the Magnia® Natalizumab healthcare flyer (for Europe)

Laboratory based dose monitoring for natalizumab

 (LDT for use in US)

moNATor® is the first dose-monitoring laboratory test that provides you with data that may aid in making clinical decisions when using Natalizumab (Tysabri).

With a simple blood draw, you can measure natalizumab levels in your patients at regular intervals to inform treatment decisions.

To learn more, download the moNATor healthcare flyer (for US)

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The Veritope Platform is a proprietary reagent platform based on peptide mimetopes that detect a given biologic drug by mimicking the natural ligand target, including cell membrane bound proteins. 

Veritopes specifically detect the target biologic drug in human samples such as serum and plasma and can be implemented in a variety of applications such as lab-based assays or point-of-care


The Magnia Point of Care / Point of Need table top reader uses magnetic technology to allow high sensitivity and accuracy quantitative readouts from disposable test strips.